Wednesday, July 9, 2014



For most expectant parents, when they are in nesting mode, they tend to do practical nesting things {i.e. clean the house, cook & freeze meals, laundry prep etc.}
 As for me...I like to keep busy with art projects. 

Such as:
Sewing bow ties
 Making onsies into cardigans 
Playing with chalkboard typography

All for a 12 month photo project.  
This series is for my Wes, 
Of all the crazy projects that your mom schemes up,  
You {& Mae} are my favorite works of art.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Christmas in June

Christmas in June? Seriously?

I know I know.

To be entirely honest I'm a busy stay at home momma 
& I don't get a lot of "me" time these days.
Right now my time is for my family. 

I know I am blessed to be able to do what I do... but the visual artist in me is still there.  
I still love to create.
It's what makes me feel "me."

So yesterday it was rainy, the littles were resting, & this momma was able to filter through and finish editing her favorites. Someday I’ll get more "me" time again & hopefully my posts will be more up to date.  Until then… bear with me.



About the Sesh:
I love me some Christmas lights.
So for pictures I wanted to play with the bokeh that Christmas lights give when you focus on the subject.  I think the results came out pretty magical.  xo. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Goddaughter Emmie.

"Really?" I asked nearly falling out of my chair "Are you sure that's what she wants to do?" It was shortly after we moved back to MN when my goddaughter asked to spend her spring break with us.   "Does she know that it's usually colder and we have more snow up here?" But of course that did not matter to our sweet Em.  

I am so lucky to be one of her godmothers.  Emmie is such a strong, smart, poised & sweet girl—us godmothers couldn't be more proud.

 During Em's spring break stay with us we had a snowstorm  {surprise, surprise} and instead of succumbing to cabin fever we did this impromptu photo shoot.  When it came to editing I did a tutorial  & then let Emmie do her own thing. I think our collaboration was something we both enjoyed—a creative fix for the art teacher and new "selfies" for Em.  Not a bad way to spend a Snow day!  

We love you Emmie!  

Emmie really wanted to have some pictures with Mae & Wes but it was only Wes we could "corral" for pictures.  so...

Emmie & Wes